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Isis Study – October-December 2013 - Part 5: Summary and discussions

Isis unveiled, vol. I


Pages 612 - 617

The previous blog no. 4 ended with a note :

It will be shown that fanaticism of Christian Church and of modern scientist are a formidable barrier to advancement of true knowledge and enlightenment. This will be followed by an exposition of some of the astounding occult phenomena which ancient Theurgists produced, which are denied by modern science and denounced by Christian Church as diabolical.

Conceit and hypocrisy bar the sceptical scientists from exploring the realms of the unseen universe.

Says the great Teacher, the author of Isis Unveiled :

“Spheres unknown below our feet; spheres still more unknown and still more unexplored above us; between the two a handful of moles, blind to God’s great light, and deaf to the whispers of the invisible world, boasting that they lead mankind. Where? Onward, they claim; but we have a right to doubt it. The greatest of our physiologists, when placed side by side with a Hindu Fakir, who knows neither how to read nor write, will very soon find himself feeling as foolish as a school-boy who has neglected to learn his lesson.”

It is in vain that scientists try to prove that there is no soul or spirit in man and nature. It is not by vivisection of living animals that the physiologist assure himself of the existence of man’s soul. Sergeant Cox, then President of the London Psychological Society, questioned : which sane man, who knows nothing of magnetism or physiology, who had never witnessed an experiment nor learned its principles, would proclaim himself a fool by denying its facts and denouncing its theories. Yet two-thirds of our modern day scientists do precisely that. Few indeed are there among the scientific fraternity who are brave and honest to utter wholesome truths, however disagreeable. It would be impertinence on the part of one who would venture to pronounce judgment on a discipline in which he has no proficiency. Physical scientists do exactly that on questions of psychology and all that pertains to it without having witnessed any of its phenomena, and in entire ignorance of its principles and practices.

Universal beliefs rise from foundation of truth and fact.

Ancient magic is occult psychology, and belief in magic is universal. For a belief to have become universal it must have been founded on an immense accumulation of facts. Porphyry and Proclus asserted that even inanimate objects, such as statues of gods, could be made to move and exhibit factitious life for a few moments. Can those who have testified that they have seen tables and chairs move and walk, and pencils write, without contact deny the claims of Porphry and Proclus ?

Yet, modern progress rests on great achievements of ancients, whose ideas, even the very names, such as, ‘senate,’ ‘consuls,’ ‘perfects,’ etc. have been borrowed by moderns. It is admitted that Napolean the Great conquered three-fourths of Europe by applying the principles of war taught by Caesars and Alexanders, and yet they assume they know better than his preceptor, and they would commit believers in animated tables to lunatic asylum.

“I will pout my spirit upon all flesh,” writes Prophet Joel; “Verily I say unto you......greater works than these shall you do,” promises Jesus. These are no idle words. They are prophetic—of the fact that the world will return to the grand religion of the past : knowledge of those majestic systems which preceded by far, Brahmanism, and even the primitive monotheism of the ancient Chaldeans.

The religion of the ancients is the religion of the future.

A few centuries more, and there will linger no sectarian beliefs in either of the great religions of humanity, Brahmanism and Buddhism, Christianity and Mahometanism will all disappear before the mighty rush of facts.

Animated statues

The means by which the wise priests of old could impress upon the grosser senses of the multitude the idea of Omnipotence of the Creative Will, or FIRST CAUSE, was to practically demonstrate to them, by exercise of their own sovereign irresistible Will, animation of inert matter by infusing soul into it, and transport ponderous objects through space and material objects without physical contact; and thus show that all this could be done because Man is the microcosmic image of the great Architect of the Universe.

Phenomenon of liquefaction of blood

The coagulated blood of the Catholic saint at San Gearro, in Naples, is made to boil and fume in its crystal bottle, and from its jewelled shrine the martyr’s idol beams radian smiles and blessings at the Christian congregations. The Hindu priest plunges an arrow into the god’s breast, and produces his ‘miracles,’ for the blood gushes forth in streams, and water in changed into blood.  Devotees of followers of both fall in raptures at the sight of the phenomena. Yet, Christian clergy denounce and dismiss the pagan phenomena the work of the devil.

Hermes on Theopoea : talking and walking statues of gods and saints

Hermes Trismegistus propounded a universal axiom when he said as the Highest One is the father of the celestial gods, so is man the artisan of the gods who reside in the temples, and who delight in the society of mortals. Man can imitate the divine powers of the Deity. Father Creator has made in His image the eternal gods ; so mankind in its turn makes its gods in its own image. Here Hermes spoke of the statues of gods mankind make, that these statues are endowed with reason, that they are animated with a soul, and that they can operate greatest prodigies, such as, predicting the future when forced to do so by magical spells. Thus man invented and created gods. Goes on Hermes :

“Powerless to create soul and spirit, they evoke the souls of angels and demons in order to introduce them into the consecrated statues; and so make them preside at their Mysteries, by communicating to idols their own faculty to do good as well as evil.”

A historical account of walking and talking statue at Lourdes and Rome

Exhibition of intelligence and locomotive powers of man made gods—idols—is not a part of prehistoric legends  but have their witnesses in modern  Christian  western world also. The statue of the Madonna of Lourdes runs away several times to the woods adjoining her usual residence, the parish church. The official in charge of the church had to hunt after the runaway and bring her home more than once. News papers of the place in the summer and autumn of 1876 reported the incidents. Then began a series of “miracles”—healing, prophesying, letter dropping from on high, and so on. These “miracles” are accepted by millions of Roman Catholics, a number of whom belonging to the intelligent and educated classes. Why then discredit and doubt historical accounts of the phenomena of the same character by accredited and esteemed historians, such as, Titus Livy ? He reports that upon a Roman soldier, after the conquest of that city,  requesting the statue of goddess of Rome, Juno, to leave the abode of Veii, and change this abode to for that of Rome, Juno nods her head in acquiescence, saying, “I will.” Upon receiving the consent of the goddess, when her statue of immense weight was lifted to transport it, it seemed to instantly lose its weight¸ and that the statue seemed to follow them than otherwise. (Tite.Livy, v. Dec, i—val. Max., cap. Vii)

De Mousseaux lists numerous instances of Christian and pagan phenomena

He recorded instances of walking statues of saints and Madonnas, who lose their weight and move about like living men and women. He also presents unimpeachable evidences of similar phenomena narrated by classical authors who describe their “miracles.” True to his Christian calling de Mousseaux, after giving facts, supporting the same with his arguments and reflections, makes bare his motive in his conclusions. According to him the Christian “miracle” is produced by God, and the pagan one by the Devil. Why did he do so, as Christian missionaries to this day ? He himself answers:

“The Holy Roman Catholic and Apostolical Church declares the miracles wrought by her faithful sons produced by the will of God; and all others the work of the spirits of Hell.” He shows an endless list of holy writers :
“Your idols, your consecrated statues, are the abode of demons,” exclaims St. Cyprian. “Yes, it is these spirits who inspire your divines, who animate the bowels of your victims, who govern the flight of birds, and who, mixing incessantly falsehood with truth, render oracles, and ....operate prodigies, their object being to bring you invincibly to their worship.” (De Idol., lib. i. P. 452)

Animation of inert matter with life and intelligence by the potent Will of the Hierophant

From remotest ages there has existed an awful and mysterious science under the denomination, Theopoea. It is the art of endowing various symbols of gods with temporary life and intelligence under the potential Will of the Hierophant.  Left to itself, the life-principle will blindly follow the laws of nature, producing health or causing death and dissolution. But, guided by the Will of the Adept, its currents  obediently restores the equilibrium in organic bodies, fill waste, and produce physiological and psychological prodigies, miscalled miracles, well known to mesmerizers. Infused in inert matter they create an appearance of life and motion. The operator may even infuse his Astral Spirit into it and endow it with intelligence and a personality. Alternately, he may force one of the nature spirits by the power of his Will into the marble, wood or metal; he may even be helped by the human spirits. Of the class of human spirits, only the earth-bound vicious ones infuse their essence into the objects, not the higher, holy ones. The Holy human spirits will leave the lower class to infuse similitude of life and animation, and send a ray of the divine light from their supernal spheres through the intervening spheres, for the purposes of public good. Such phenomena of truly spiritual kind is possible under the condition of purity of motive,  purity of surrounding magnetic atmosphere, and personal purity of the operator. Thus the pagan “miracle” may be far holier than a Christian one, and this is Magic of the ancients.

Fanaticism in science and religion

Fanaticism blinds our senses. It is futile to argue with a fanatic. Sergeant Cox spoke words of wisdom on this question in a lecture. He said that it is a fatal policy to expect that the truth will prevail by its own force, that it has to be seen to be  embraced ; that desire for truth exists in very few minds; when men say they are seeking the truth, they actually mean that they are looking for evidence to support some prejudice or prepossession; that their beliefs are moulded to their wishes; that they are blind as bats to whatever tells against them; and that scientists are no more exempt from this common failing than others.

In the next blog, 6th, achievements of ancient India will be recounted and shown that every modern discovery is found anticipated in Indian history. All the world religions and philosophies are traceable to that Mother of civilizations.

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