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Isis Study – January to March 2013 Summary and discussions

Isis unveiled, vol. I


Pages 554 - 560

 The last blog ended with the statement :

 Instead of resorting to a tortured theological prejudice to prove the connection between the Mexican and other peoples of Americas with the middle-eastern races mentioned in the Bible, more credible historical and scientific evidence can be adduced.

In the next blog a number of these facts will be listed which throw light on the origin of some of the native American races.

Evidence in support of the claim that Mexican natives and middle eastern races mentioned in the Bible bear close kinship.

 According to a Guatemalan document, Toltecs are migrants from the house of Israel

 Evidence 1:

Our attention is drawn to the Chronicles of Fuentes, of the kingdom of Guatemala, and the Manuscript of Don Juan Torres, the grandson of the last king of the Quiches. This document, said to have been in possession of lieutenant-general appointed by Pedro de Alvarado, says that Toltecas descended from the house of Israel, who were released by Moses, who, after crossing the Red Sea, fell into idolatry. They set out wandering, from continent to continent, and came to a place called Seven Caverns, in the kingdom of Mexico, where they met the famous town of Tula, etc. (Stephen’s Travels in Central America which is available for online reading or free down load)

 Evidence 2 :

The names of the famous Toltec kings bear the Chaldean appellation, the strange similarities between the languages of Aztecs and Hebrews is noteworthy. Toltecan king bore the biblical appellation of Balaam Acam, reminding one of Balaam and his human voiced ass. Lords Kingsborough found striking resemblance between the languages of Aztecs and the Hebrews. Many a figure on the bas-reliefs of Palenque and idols in terra cota, exhumed in Santa Cruz del Quiche, have on their heads bandlets with a square protuberance on them, in the front forehead, very similar to the phylacteries worn by the Hebrew Pharisees of old, while at prayers, and even by the devotees of the present day, particularly Jews of Poland and Russia.

Evidence 3

de Bourbourg, in his book, cites the narration of Votan, the Mexican demi-god, of his expedition in which is a description is given of the subterranean passage, which ran underground, and terminated at the root of the heavens, and that this passage was called snake’s hole, and that he was admitted to it because he himself was “a son of the snakes, or a serpent.” This is very suggestive. The testimony of ancient writers, corroborated by modern discoveries, there were numerous catacombs in Egypt and Chaldea, some of which were very vast in extent. It was in these underground passages were performed sacred mysteries of Kuklos anagkes, the ‘unavoidable cycle,’ or ‘Circle of necessity.’ There inexorable doom was imposed upon every soul after the bodily death, and when had been judged in the Amenthian region.

Hierophants of Egypt and of Babylonia styled themselves as “the sons of the serpent god” or Sons of the Dragon,” not because Christian Padres, such as de mousseaux would have us believe they were the progeny of the Devil, Satan-incubus, the old serpent of Eden but because, in the Mysteries, the serpent was the symbol of WISDOM and immortality. The Druids of the Celtic-Brittanic regions called themselves snakes : “I am a serpent, I am a Druid.” The Egyptian Karnac is twin-brother to the Carnac of Bretagne, the latter Carnac meaning the serpent mound.

The Dracontia (temples dedicated to dragons / serpents) once covered the surface of the whole globe, Dragon being the symbol of the Sun, the Sun being the symbol of the highest God—the Phoenician Elon, whom Abraham recognized as El Elion. Besides the surname serpents they were also called “Builders,” the “Architects,” as these mighty wise men directed the construction of the temples and monuments which even now in their pulverized remains stagger human imagination and astound calculations of modern engineers. (554)

Evidence 4

De Bourbourg with his usual Christian prejudice, puts on a farfetched interpretation on the biblical discourse to show that the chiefs of the name of Votan, the Quetzo-Cohuatl,  the serpent deity of Mexicans, to be descendents of Ham and accursed Canaanites. Mexican chiefs say, “I am Hivim, being a Hivim, I am the great race of the Dragon (snake); I am a snake myself, for I am a Hivim.” De Bourbourg rejoices over this and argues, on the authority of the Bible, that Chivim or Hivim or Hivites are descendents of Heth, son of Canaan, the son of Ham, the accursed.

Such fallacious interpretation of biblical verses cuts both ways. In fact, the tables can be turned on De Bourbourg by demonstrating that Seth, the third son of Adam, the ancestor of Noah, the forefather of all Israel, is but Hermes, the god of wisdom, called also Thoth, Tat, Set and Sat-an, the shadow of Seth, theTyphon, the Egyptian Satan, who was also Set.

Evidence 5

Some of the tribes of Central America will one day be traced back to the Phoenicians and Mosaic Israelites, and it is seen that the latter have persistently stuck to sun and serpent worship, as the Mexicans have. Christians may protest, but they cannot deny biblical passages pointing in that direction. Dying Jacob speaks of his sons, says of Simeon and Levi that instruments of cruelty to be in their habitation and wishes not come “into their secret; unto their assembly.” (Gen. xlix) H.P.B. shows that in the original the words, “their secret” is given as SOD. Sod was the name of the Mysteries of Baal, Adonis and Bacchus who were Sun-gods and had serpents for symbol. Kabalists explain that that was the name given to the tribe of Levi, to all Levites, and that Moses was the chief of the Sodales. Members of the Priest colleges were called Sodales who constituted Idaea of the Mysteries of the Mighty Mother (“Mysteries of Adonis” by Dunlap) Moses was an Egyptian priest as shown by historians, a hierophant of Hieropolis, a priest of the Sun-God Osiris, and that his name was Osarsiph. Wisdom was synonymous with Initiation into Sacred Mysteries of the Magi. No alien was allowed to enter the assembly of the Egyptian priest unless he was an Initiate himself. Gen. xliii-3 shows Joseph ate with Egyptian priests, which would be impossible were not Joseph an Initiate of the Egyptian Mysteries. That is, both Moses and Joseph were then Sodales.

The narrative of the Brazen serpent of Moses (Exodus), reminiscent of the Caduceus of Mercury or Asclepios, the son of the Sun-god Apollo-Python, becomes logical and natural. Moses is said to descend from the tribe of Levi. (HPB explains Kabalistic ideas as to the books of Moses, a great prophet, in the 2nd vol. if Isis).

Evidence 6

Identity of the Mexicans and the Canaanites, though geographically separated by the waters of the Atlantic, is found in the fact that the Nargal, the Chaldean and Assyrian chief of the Magi (Rab-Mag) and Nagal, the chief sorcerer of the Mexican Indians, both derive their names from Nergal-Sarezer, the Assyrian god; and both have the same faculties and powers, to have an attendant daemon with who they identified themselves completely. The Chaldean and Assyrian Nargal kept his daemon in the shape of some animal considered sacred, inside the temple, and Indian Nargal keeps his in the neighbouring lake or wood or in the house, under the shape of a household animal.

Nagalism or sun and serpent worship persists to this day albeit in secrecy in Mexico, despite strenuous efforts on the part of Spanish Christian rulers and missionaries to suppress it. In 1812, Don Pedro Baptista Pino, reported to Cartes that all the pueblos have their artufas (subterranean room of natives with only a single door) where they assembled to perform their  feasts and hold meetings. These are impenetrable temples and the doors are always closed on the conquerors. Their ancient faith is thus kept up. Hence their adoration of sun and the moon and other heavenly bodies, and of the fire.

Evidence 6

In remote period South America was peopled by a colony which migrated across the Atlantic

 The prefect identity of the rites, ceremonies, traditions, and even the names of the deities, among the Mexicans and ancient Babylonians and Egyptians are a sufficient proof of South America being peopled by a colony which mysteriously found its way across the Atlantic. History is silent about when and at what period it happened. H.P.B. points to the fact that there is no tradition sanctified by the ages without a certain sediment of truth at the bottom of it.

Evidence 7

Magical wand of Quetze Cohuatl closely resembled the sapphire stick of Moses

 Quetze Cohuatl wrought wonders with his magical wand according to Mexican accounts. His wand closely resembled the sapphire stick of Moses with which he wrought like wonders. The stick of Moses bloomed in the garden of Raguel Jethro, his father-in-law, and on which was engraved the “Ineffable Name.”

Evidence 8

The mythical four ancestors of the Quiche race esoterically typify the four successive progenitors of men mentioned in Genesis i, ii and vi.

 The ‘four men’ described as the real four ancestors of the human race “were neither begotten by the gods, nor born of women,” but whose “creation was a wonder wrought by the Creator,” and who were made after three attempts at manufacturing men had failed, in Mexican legends, which bear close resemblance with the explanations of Hermetists. It recalls to mind the four sons of God of Egyptian theogony, and to the narrative related in Genesis. These “four ancestors” could reason and speak, their sight was unlimited, and they knew all things at once, according to Popul Vuh. When “they had rendered thanks to their Creator for their existence, the gods were frightened, and they breathed a cloud over the eyes of men that they might see a certain distance only, and not like the gods themselves.” This bears direct relation to the sentence in Genesis : “Behold, the man is become as one of us, to know good and evil; and now, lest he out forth his hand, and take also the tree of life..” etc., and “While they were asleep God gave them wives.” Etc.

The Four ancestors of the Quiches race typify in their esoteric sense the four successive progenitors of men mentioned in Gen, i, ii and vi. First man is bisexual : “Male and female created he them,” answering to the Hermaphrodite deities of the subsequent mythologies; the second Adam was made out of “the dust of the ground” and unisexual answering to the “sons of God” of chapter vi; the third, the giants or Nephilim who are only hinted in the Bible but fully explained elsewhere; the fourth, the parents of men “whose daughters were fair.”

Scientists and scholars should consult authorities on Magic to discover material for history and science

 Mexicans had their magicians from remote times. The same is the case with all the ancient religions of the world so that a strong resemblance prevails in their forms of their ceremonial worship as well as in the very names used to designate certain magical implements. The esoteric signification cannot be discovered by savants unless they seek the help of Hierophants and then they will find the key to true history and true science.

 In the next blog, the golden chain of Universal Wisdom Religion which encircles the whole globe, indestructibility of eternal truth and its unfathomable majesty, which is the last possible expression in human language, will be discussed.