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Isis Unveiled - study class schedule

Text : Isis Unveiled, Volume I, by Madam H.P. Blavatsky

Date : Sunday, September 23, 2012

Time : 10 A.M. to 11-15 A.M. (Indian Time)

Chapter XIII : Realities and Illusions

Pages : Volume I, p. 466, 2nd break - 470, 1st break

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Summary of Isis Study on September 9, 2012

Chapter XIII :  Realities and Illusions
Pages covered : From p.461, beginning of the chapter to p. 465 top.

Modern sceptical unbelief in achievements of ancients :
 It is generally believed that ancient people had not made much advance in knowledge of nature’s laws. But an impartial study reveals that they had made great advances, much more than the modern world has so far made, in the fields of psychology and physics. These two disciplines with them went hand in hand, and they probed hidden potencies in the objects of the natural world and powers of the human mind and soul, which are terra incognita for our modern science. Such claims are disbelieved in and ridiculed.
 For instance, the ancient lore of the talisman is pooh-poohed as an old superstition. When it is said by philosophers that the seven spirits of the Apocalypse have direct relation to the seven occult powers in nature, it is dismissed as an absurdity. Bare mention of magicians working wonders through certain Kabalistic rites convulses sceptics with laughter. But those who have taken the trouble to inform themselves know that the ancients achieved as great discoveries in psychology and physics and that their explorations have left few secrets to be discovered by posterity.
 Ancient Alchemical symbols no more ridiculous than symbols of modern chemistry :
 The ancients preserved and conveyed their knowledge in symbols which moderns don’t understand. While the geometrical figure pentacle, for instance, is no more than any figure of Euclidean geometry for the modern man, the student of occult science knows that it is a synthetic figure which expresses in concrete form a profound truth in nature. No more strange are the symbols of Alchemists to the one versed in that science than the chemical symbols and formulae of the modern chemistry to the student of chemistry. For instance, the symbol of Azoth of the Alchemist represents creative principle in nature, called in Theosophy Astral Light. The symbol encompasses three different levels of being in its signification : the divine, the philosophical synthesis, and the physical synthesis. Incomprehensibility and strangeness of Alchemical symbols felt by the professors of the modern science lies in the fact that they (the modern) know of only the physical and are entirely ignorant of the psychic and the spiritual side of nature. Hermetic philosophers, on the other hand, were past masters in their practical knowledge of, and control over, occult forces and potencies in Nature, and psychological powers in man.
 The ancient science and the art of talisman :
 When a magnet is applied to a piece of iron the latter also becomes magnetized, and it, in its turn, can magnetize other pieces of iron. The iron piece so magnetized does not, on that account, change its physical and chemical properties, neither weighs less or more, but one of the most subtle potencies of nature has entered into its substance, giving it a potency it had not before.
 Talisman is made by the same principle with this difference that: i) the talisman may be any object—a piece of paper, a shred of a fabric, a bit of a metal ; and ii) it has been magnetized, ie., has been imbued with a potency by the influence of the greatest of magnets in nature—the human will. And it is capable of producing certain results according to the will of the person who makes it—for good or bad purpose, for healing or for cursing.
 What is this subtle agent in nature which human will can act upon, and which animals employ in a limited way ?
 The bloodhound can trace a fugitive, wherever he may be hiding, if allowed to sniff at an article handled by him, from the scene of crime to his hiding place. If a psychometer is given a manuscript or an object, however old, he can come to know all about the person who was in contact with it, simply by applying the said object to his forehead or pit of the stomach etc. He enters into conscious sympathy with the surroundings of that object and the persons who were in contact with it and describe them all in detail. (Interested people can refer to the book, “The Soul of Things” by Prof. Denton, which is accessible in google search)
 This is an illustration of the 7th and the 10th propositions of Oriental psychology (see either Isis Unveiled vol. ii, p. 587-588, or extract of it in Basic propositions of psychology in the homepage of
 Magnetic vampirism
 There are some people who are magnetic vampires. They have the faculty of drawing to themselves the vital magnetism of others, themselves thus gaining in strength and draining the one who was robbed of his vitality and rendered weakened thereby. This is true of animals also. Experienced breeders tell that young animals should not be herded with old ones, and intelligent physicians forbid parents to have young children occupy their own bed. When David was weak and old his vital forces were recruited by having a young person brought in close contact with him so that he could absorb her strength. So did an empress of Russia who was so feeble in her last days of her life, physicians advised her to keep a robust young peasant girl in her bed at night.
 Dr. Kerner gives the description of the Seeress of Provost, Mme Hauffe—who stated that she supported her life merely on the atmosphere of the people surrounding her and their magnetic emanations, which were quickened in an extraordinary way by her presence. This is an instance of magnetic vampirism. She absorbed by drawing to herself the life of those who were strong enough to spare their vitality in the shape of volatilized blood. Dr. Kerner reported that these persons were more or less affected by this forcible loss.
 What is this subtle fluid of nature by which all things are made and which pervades all Nature ? Says a proposition of ancient psychology :
 There is one common vital principle which pervades the universe, and it is controllable by perfected human WILL.
 This is one of the basic principles of ancient Magic. One illustration is given of a practical application of this law in nature :
 HPB gives an instance of exhibition of human will to move Akasa—the  all-pervading common vital principle of nature. An Adept in magic in Bengal makes a few passes over a piece of common tin, the in-side of a dish cover, regarding it attentively for a few moments, seemed to grasp the imponderable fluid by handfuls and throw it against the surface. When the tin had been exposed to the full glare of light for about 6 seconds the bright surface was suddenly covered with a film. Then patches of darker hue began coming out on its surface. In about three minutes the tin was handed back to people watching. It was found that the surface was imprinted with a picture or a photograph of the landscape that stretched before them.—faithful as nature itself, and every colour perfect. It remained for about 48 hours and then slowly faded away.
  The will of the Adept condensed upon the tin a thin film of Akasa, which made it for the time being like a sensitized photographic plate. Light did the rest.
 The action of the human Will in curing diseases ;
 Persons versed in this science can cure diseases by imparting the desired virtues drawn from Akasa and infuse the same on an inanimate object which is put in contact with the patient. The faith of the patient is a crucial factor here.
 Faith in humans has creative potency. The secret of healing potency lies in the intensity of faith, which acts and moves occult forces of nature to cure diseases and produce such prodigies.
 What then is the difference between modern chemistry and ancient Theurgy or Hermetic science ?
 Modern chemistry is no less a magician than the Hermetic art. But there is a vast difference between the two, and it is this : Hermetic science recognized the duality of nature, and, therefore, has twice as wide a field for experimental research as the chemist. The ancient animated statues, called into being, out of the elements, the shapes of elemental forces of nature, the Kabalistic gnomes. Salamanders, sylphs and undines. He did not create them but simply opened the door of invisible inner nature so as to permit the occult forces to step into view, under certain favourable conditions.

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Isis Study of 2nd September 2012

Summary of the study of Isis Unveiled carried out on Sunday, September 2, 2012, at the Bangalore ULT

Chapter XII : The “Impassable chasm”
Pages covered : 454, first para to the end of the chapter on p. 460.

Vampirism – continued from previous week’s study

 The discussion on the phenomena of Vampirism ends on p. 455 with a narration of one of the most frightful cases of vampirism. It is said to have taken place somewhere in Russia. The story goes that the governor of the province, 60 years age, who was of a malicious, tyrannical, cruel and jealous disposition, ruled the province with despotic authority as his brutal instincts prompted. A young beautiful daughter of a subordinate official of his government was betrothed to a young man whom she loved. But the despotic governor fell in love with the girl and forced her father to consent to  having her marry him. The poor victim, despite her despair, became his wife. His jealous disposition exhibited itself, and he beat and tortured her, confined her to a room, forbade to her to have any outside contact except in his presence. Finally the governor fell ill and died. As his end was approaching, he made her swear that she would not marry again, and that if she did, he would return from the grave and kill her. He was buried in the cemetery across the river. The young girl experienced no further annoyances, got the better of her fears and consented to the importunities of her lover and agreed to be betrothed to him.

Then commences the fearful haunting of the vampire of the dead governor who rode in a black coach in the midnight hour into the mansion where she lived, entered her apartment , beat and tortured her. Shrieks of the young woman were heard in the neighbourhood, some of whom came, burst opened the door and found her lying in the bed in a swoon, and they heard sound of a carriage rumbling out of the courtyard. Her body bore black and blue patches due to beating and pinching, and her neck slightly punctured with drops of blood oozing out. She said her deceased husband appeared in the room exactly as in life except that his face was dreadfully pale. This continued night after night and she was brought close to the door of death.

Physicians had no explanation to offer and priests came and spend the night in prayer, but when midnight approached they were seized with over-powering lethargy and sank into sleep. Molestation of the girl continued thus night after night.

Authorities decided to post a pose of armed guards and priests at the bridge across the river from where came the ghostly carriage. When the carriage appeared in the midnight driving at full speed, they ordered the carriage driver to stop and challenged him. But the guards and the priests were flung side by an electric shock, and the spectral carriage went passed them. Finally the authorities decided to exhume the body of the governor and drive a stake through the heart of the carcass. When that was done a groan issued from the corpse and a jet of blood spurted high into the air. Thereafter the vampire was no more heard of.

This is an eye witness account HPB gives.

Questions raised by Dom Calmet, listed in last week’s blog—of the 26th August—remains to be answered. They are
i. Exit from and entry of the vampire into the grave without any disturbance of the earth over it.
ii. How to account for the appearance of the spectre of the person dead and buried.
iii. How does the spectre take on objective form, speak, walk and do all things a living person does.
iv. Why do spectres appear only at midnight hours.
v. How is the blood sucked from victims transfused in to the corpse in the grave, which when exhumed is found with nostrils and mouth full of blood, and body quite fresh.
vi. When the exhumed body of the vampire is cremated the spectral appearance ceases.


 Part of the answers to the questions have already been discussed in the previous blog (of Aug. 26th study)

Besides the above, two other important laws are to be considered.

First is the laws governing separation of the ethereal body of a man from his gross physical body, and the electro-magnetic laws by which the ethereal form, invisible to the physical sight, is rendered visible, and how it gets fictitious life, and why the phenomena occurs the best in darkness.

A detailed scientific exposition of these laws are found in the article of Mr. W.Q. Judge, entitled, SPIRITUALISM, A “SPIRIT” TESTIFIES. It can be accessed here.

The two irrefragable propositions of occult psychological science explain the phenomenon of vampirism (Isis, I, p. 459)

1. The Astral soul is a separable distinct entity of our ego, and can roam far away from the body without breaking the thread of life.

2. The corpse is not utterly dead, and while it can yet be re-entered by its tenant, the latter can gather sufficient material emanations from it to enable itself to appear in a quasi-terrestrial shape.

 The fallacy of the Roman Catholic Church in its attributing all such unexplained psychological phenomena to the “DEVIL,”` and the great harm which ensues spread of such fallacious religious ideas :
The philosophical Dualism of Good and Evil in the Zoroastrian religion has been disfigured by Catholic clergy into gross anthropomorphic idea of a separate and distinct mutually antagonistic extra-cosmic personalities called God and Devil. It was a theological expediency to explain the problem of evil in life, as solely instigated by the Devil outside of man and Nature.

In the middle ages, when this dogma was mercilessly enforced by the church, many an unfortunate victim of incubus and succubus (see Theosophical Glossary) were burnt a the stake in Auto de fe. It was a monstrous production of religious fanaticism and epilepsy. It was attributed to the Devil and the poor sensitives were subjected to torture and execution by the Church.

Incubi and succubi can have no objective form :
“To attribute its effects to the Devil is blasphemy; implying that God, after creating Satan, would allow him to adopt such a course……to uphold…that the Devil, whom the Catholics endow with a power, which in antagonism, equals that of the Supreme Deity, transforms himself into wolves, snakes, and dogs, to satisfy his lusts and procreate monsters, is an idea within which lie hidden the germs of devil-worship, lunacy and sacrilege. The Catholic Church which not only teaches us to believe in this monstrous fallacy, but forces he missionaries to preach such a dogma, need not revolt against  the devil-worship of some Parsee and South Indian sects.” (I, 459)

What is the so-called Devil Worship of Indians ?
Whom the Christian Missionaries denounce as in league with the devil ?

It is simply this : As discussed in the last week’s (26th Aug. blog) : They dread visitation of spectral forms of their dead relatives who had been strongly attached to material life, and warded them off by offerings of food and such items they liked when alive.

Where then is the Devil ?
The devil is man’s own sinful nature.

“When we imagine that we see, and hear, and feel him, it is but too often the reflection of our own wicked, depraved and polluted soul that we see, hear and feel.” (I, 459)

A man of high character attracts to himself influences congenial to his higher nature, and  vice a versa. Like attracts Like.

Our waking life thoughts and deeds have corresponding influence on our dream life—which in turn influences, for good or ill, our waking life.

“Thus according to the mood in which our astral forms oozes out during the hours of sleep, according to our thoughts, pursuits, and daily occupations, all of which are fairly impressed upon the plastic capsule called the human soul, the latter attracts around itself spiritual beings congenial to itself. Hence some dreams and visions that are pure and beautiful, others fiendish and beastly”

The faithful believer in the dogma of the Devil of the Church then rushes to the confessional, and he is promised salvation at the cost of some indulgences, which he has to purchase from the Church. But the sceptic, who cannot be led by the nose by the Church, and in absence of any rational explanation, remains indifferent, and gives himself to the devil, which is his own sinful nature. And he dies, with all the terrible consequences dealt with in the foregoing.

HPB ends the discourse with the following wise counsel:
“Let the student of occult sciences make his own nature as pure and his thoughts as elevated as those of these India seers, and he may sleep unmolested by vampire, incubus, or succubus. Around the insensible form of such a sleeper the immortal spirit sheds a power divine that protects it from evil approaches, as though it were a crystal wall.” (I, 460)