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Isis Study – July-September 2013 Summary and discussions - Part 1

Isis unveiled, vol. I


Pages 593 - 595

The previous blog ended with a note :

In the next blog ancient legend about the lost continent of Atlantis, the terrible strife between the Atlantean race, which towards its end had fallen into evil ways, on the one hand, and the Adepts of the Good Law, on the other, resulting in the destruction of the giant race of Atlantis and sinking of the continent, which was studied in the Isis Study class during July-September 2013, will be discussed.

Atlantis and its people

The great war between ‘Sons of God” and Atlantean giant sorcerers

 The class of Hierophants was divided into two categories :

  1. those who were instructed by the “Sons of God” of the island, [see the previous blog] who were initiated in the divine doctrine of pure revelation ; and,

  2. Others who, being of another race, were born of a sight which embraced all hidden things, and was independent of distance and material obstacles.
The second were the Fourth Race men. The sacred book of the Gutemalians, the Quiche MSS, the Popul Vuh, discovered by Brasseur de Bourbourg, speaks of them. In Theosophical Parlance, they were “natural born mediums,” who obtained their knowledge and powers without any struggle against, and conquest of, their lower human-animal nature. The latter condition is sine qua non for one who would become an Adept of the Good Law, and become  a “Son of God.” It is the “Sons of God” who walked in the path of their divine Instructors, acquired knowledge  by degrees, learned to discern the evil from the good. But the former, the born adepts of the Lost Continent (Atlantis) blindly followed the insinuations of the great invisible “Dragon,” the King Thevatat (the tempting serpent of Genesis ?). He was a sorcerer who knew without being initiated into the Sacred Mysteries, under whose insinuations the Atlanteans had become a nation of wicked magicians. In consequence of this a war was declared. (More detail account of it is given in H.P.B.’s The Secret Doctrine). The biblical story of Noah and his righteous family in struggle with the race of Cains, the giants, is a disfigured allegory of this pre-historical event. The conflict came to an end by the submersion of Atlantis—which finds its echo in the stories of Babylonian and Mosaic flood.

The giants and magicians “......and all the flesh died...and every man” (Popul Vuh), all except Xisuthrus  and Noah, who are identical with Thlinkithians of the Popul Vuh,the sacred book of the Gautemalians. It also tells of his escaping in a large boat, like the Hindu Noah—Vaivaswata.

Origin of Black Magic and irresponsible mediumship

Sacred tradition says : following inter-marriages between the descendants of the Hierophants of the fair Island and those of the Atlantean Noah sprang up a mixed race of righteous and wicked---Enochs, Buddhas, Christs and such saviours, on the one hand, and “natural magicians”, who, through lack of restraining power and proper spiritual enlightenment, because of weakness of mental and physical  organizations, unintentionally perverted their natural psychic and spiritual powers for evil purposes. Moses had severe rebuke to such who misused their powers for service of evil sprits to the hurt of humanity—the spirit of Ob.

Louis Jacolliot’s 21 volumes contain translations of Hindu philosophy and traditions, which mention matters relating to the submerged Atlantis

His copious translations in 21 volumes from ancient Hindu sacred books are invaluable. They corroborate the teachings given in Isis Unveiled [ and in The Secret Doctrine] In his work, Histoire des Vieges : Les Peuples et les Continent Disparus, he speaks of one of the most ancient legends of India, which he says  are preserved in the temples by oral and written traditions about historical events covering several hundreds of thousands of years. They speak of a mighty continent which existed where there is now the Pacific Ocean, which was destroyed by geological upheavals, fragments of which are to be sought in the now extant Madagascar, Ceylon, Sumatra, Java , Borneo and states of Polynesia. According to the ancient Indian sacred scrolls, that mighty continental country had attained a high civilization; that the  peninsula of Hindustan (India) was enlarged by the displacement of waters at the time of the grand geological cataclysms, and that the people of the ancient Indian sub-continent continued the traditions of the civilization born in that parent continent ; these traditions gave the name Ruta to the peoples which inhabited the immense equinoctial continent; and that from their speech was derived the Sanscrit. Jacolliot goes on the say that according to the temple literature of India  the most intelligent populations emigrated from India, from whom arose the Indo-Hellenic tradition, and that the latter also  preserved the memory of pre-historic events; that it too relates to the existence of a continent and a people to which it gives the name of Atlantis and Atlantides, and locates in the Atlantic in the northern portions of the tropics.

Stories preserved by Plato is nothing else but an echo of the Indian legend.

Jacolliot translated from Sanscrit MSS the account of the ancient continent of Atlantis, which  is corroborated in the religious beliefs and traditions preserved by the natives of the two extremes parts of the ocean, viz., Malacca and Polynesia. They speak of war between the “Sons of God” and the “Sons of giants,” the inhabitants of the Atlantis. Jacolliot personally visited all the islands of Polynesia, studied for years the religion, language, and traditions of nearly all these peoples.

Sandwich islands, New Zealand, Easter Island are separated from each other by such vast distances, and the inhabitants of these could never have crossed the vast ocean by primitive boats they used. Yet they preserved the same religious beliefs, spoke the same language, have the same usages, customs—which never could be but for the fact that they, at a distant epoch, formed an integral part of one mighty continent on which flourished a great civilization.

Ruins covering both the Americas and the West Indian Islands are attributed to the submerged Atlantis

 The new continent of Americas which arose from the ocean was communicable by land from the old continent, Atantis.  Hierophants and Magicians of the old world communicated with the new world by a network of subterranean passages running in all directions.  It is these itinerant magicians from the old world who wrought those magnificent stone structures in the Americas which baffle modern investigators. Mexican ancient myths and traditions preserve the memory of those events.

In the previous  blogs  Mexican myths and legends about the high civilization of pre-historic past which flourished in Americas, identity of the first historically known great navigators, Phonecians, the mysterious city of the Cordilleras etc. were discussed.

In the next blog some more corroborations from ancient traditions and witnesses will be brought up to show that  the ruins covering both the Americas  and west Indian islands own their origins to the Atlantean Magicians, and that the true religion and traditions of Incas are preserved to this day in all their original purity, in inviolable secrecy, despite the cultural and ethnic genocide perpetrated on them by the conquering Spaniards.

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