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Isis Study report of November 11, 2012


Summary and discussion

 Isis Unveiled, vol. I

Chapter XIII – Realities and Illusion

Pages : 493 – 496.

 Necromancy was strictly forbidden in the days referred to in the  Old Testament

 In the Bible the only instance of necromancy found is the story of the king Saul who sought answers to some pressing questions through divination. Having failed to invoke the holy spirits who seem to have abandoned him, he sought out a witch to raise Samuel from the dead, though he, Saul, the ruler himself, had decreed that enchanters, people with familiar spirits, soothsayers etc. were all prohibited to exercise their gifts. When the apparition of Samuel did appear at the invocation of the witch the shade rebuked Saul for having disturbed it from its rest. Moses decreed death against those who raised the spirits of the dead. Nowhere throughout the Old Testament, not in the writings of Homer nor in those of Virgil are to be found any evidence that they regarded raising of the dead otherwise than as necromancy—an accursed art,

Rarest of rare cases of appearance of true Spirits from the abode of the blessed

 The easily evoked “spirits” of the dead are nothing more than the spooks or the astral remains of the dead whose “Spirits,” or the Divine Souls,  have been translated into high spiritual state which is pure and divine, inaccessible to sundry mediums. Mediums evoke through their mediumistic practices only the shade of the dead, merely the astral corpse of the departed.

The true spirit of the dead translated into the “abode of the blessed” can never be invoked except on rarest of rare occasions. It is the doctrine of the ancients that no Soul from the ‘abode of the Blessed’ will return to earth except on extremely rare occasions when its apparition might be required to accomplish some great object in view, as bringing some benefit upon humanity. In such instances the Souls has no need to be evoked. It either sends portentous message by an evanescent simulacrum of itself or through a “messengers” who could appear in material form and personify faithfully the departed.

Easily evoked souls are spooks and no more

 They are spooks or Larvae. Seekers spill fresh blood to attract them. They are not to be communicated with as such communications infect the invokers with psychic and moral contagion. They are larvae from the infernal region of the limbo, the Shoel, the so-called eighth sphere; but these are not the ‘hell’ of the orthodox Christian theological dogma.

Porphyry speaking of such abominable evocations is credited to have remarked : “I cannot prevent the witches from picking up their bones…See the blood they pour in the ditches to allure the souls that will attract oracles.”

Spirit materializations of ancient days are much different and varied in character from the modern mediumistic evocations of spooks

 Many and varied are the ways of communication with true spiritual beings in days of old. Accounts of them are to be found in Sacred books. By no stretch of imagination did they resorted to the practices of modern séances. Medium requires darkness or dim lights, passive condition of medium etc. But the Patriarchs and Prophets of old needed no such aids. For example :

Three angels appeared to Abraham and drank in the full blaze of the sun (Gen. xviii-1)

The spirit of Elias and Moses appeared in day time. It is not probable that Christ and Apostles climbed high mountains during the night—as mediumistic evokers of the dead do.

Jesus is said to have appeared to Mary Magdalene in the garden in the early morning.

 Next we will discuss the phenomenon of Levitation—as practiced by Mediums, on the one hand, and Adepts (or Mediators), on the other, and vital differences between the two.


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