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Isis Study - October 14, 2012

Summary and comments on Isis study held on October 14, 2012 at Bangalore ULT

Chapter XI : Realities and Illusions

Pages covered : p. 479 – 483


We have been considering the phenomenon of the re-animation of the apparently dead. There are no absolutely unambiguous answer with modern science to the question : When are the “Dead” dead ? Confessedly there are no certain signs of real death. They have only external evidence. But inner unseen forces at work are inaccessible to tools and methods of modern science.

 External evidences of death are not proofs of real death

 i. immobility of the body ; ii. Cadaverous aspect of the body ; iii. The coldness of body surface ; iv. Absence of respiration and pulsation ; v. the sunken state of the eyes.

These are the criteria by which modern medicine determines death. But these are not certain and definite criteria, since, with all such external evidence there have been, and there are occurring even at this moment in every part of the globe, cases of people pronounced dead and yet reviving from apparent death, even after days and weeks of so-called clinical death. There are hundreds upon hundreds of cases  of people pronounced clinically dead and buried but found upon exhumation signs of reanimation of the body in the coffin, struggle to come out of the dreadful situation and death due to asphyxiation.

 Ancients knew of this

 Democritus and Pliny both asserted that there are no certain signs of real death. Asclepiades, the most distinguished men of his days in Greece, held that it is still more difficult to ascertain real death in case of women.

 Remarkable cases of suspended animation

 Todd Thomson gives an account of many such cases of suspended animation. Francis Neville, a Norman gentleman, twice apparently died, twice in the act of being buried, and both the times, just at the moment of the coffin being lowered, he revived and came back to life.

The case of a 17th century Lady Russel : she was pronounced dead, taken to the graveyard and about to be buried. When the church bells rang during the funeral service, she sat up in the coffin and exclaimed – “It is time to go to the church !”

Diemerbroese speaks of a peasant who gave no signs of life for 3 days, and when taken to the grave to be buried, revived and lived long thereafter.

A search in the google, 20/10/02/02, show top ten of the many horrifying cases premature burial.

The mystery of death

 View of modern science : Men are aggregate of atoms temporarily united by a mysterious force called life-principle. The only difference between the living and dead body is : in one case the life-force is active, and in the other latent. When it is extinct, or entirely latent, molecules obey superior attraction which draws them asunder and scatters them in space. This dispersion is death. But in that process, the dead body is exhibiting intense activity of disintegration and dispersal, which activity is Life.

If death is stoppage of digesting, locomotive and thought grinding machine, how can death be actual and not relative before that machine is thoroughly broken up and its particles dispersed ? So long as any of them cling together, the centripetal vital force may overmatch the dispersive centrifugal action.

Eliphas Levi, the great Occultist of Mediaeval France said :

Change attests movement, and movement only reveals life. The corpse would not decompose if it were dead. All the molecules which compose it are living and struggle to separate. Would you think spirit frees itself first of all to exist no more ? That thought and love can die when the gross forms of matter do not die ? If change be called death, we die and are born again every day, for every day our forms undergo change.

Kabalistic doctrine

 Man is not dead when his body is entombed. Death is never sudden. Nothing goes in nature by violent transitions. Everything is gradual. As it required a long and gradual development to produce the living human being, so time is required to completely withdraw vitality from the carcass. Death can no more be an absolute end, than birth a real beginning. Birth proves the pre-existence of the being, as death proves immortality.

 All cases of reviving the dead by the power of the will are cases of suspended animation :

 Devout Christians believe in the so-called miracle of resurrection of the daughter of Jairus by the word of command of Jesus but they repudiate the same work done by Apollonius, because he is a pagan. In the case of the Gospel account it is ‘Miracle,’ but in the case of pagans it is either the devil or fraud. Scientist on the other hand maintains a uniform stand, and that is, it is all hallucination or trickery.

Scepticism of the scientist and the fanatical dogma of miracle of the church would both stand to benefit and see a glimmer of truth in the phenomena, if only they pay close attention to what both Jesus and Apollonius said when resurrecting the apparently dead. Jesus said of Jairus’ daughter : “She is not dead but sleepeth.” This is a significant expression. If it is ignored, then the Church Fathers will fall into a self-contradiction—force their god to break his own laws and grants unjustly what he denies to others.

Apollonius exclaimed when re-animating the girl who was dead, “She had seemed to die.”

Which means, these are cases of suspended animation. Biographer of Apollonius, Philostratus, says that when the dead girl was being carried to the funeral pyre it was raining fast and her face being turned up, being beaten by rain, must have been a factor in her revival. He never regarded it as a miracle but a natural  phenomenon.

All these go to demonstrate that Asclepiades, Apollonius and many such sages had the merit of distinguishing at a glance between the real death and apparent death.

Limits of suspended animation

 Resuscitation is possible as long as the the electric thread (or Magnetic cord) which links the inner vital body and the physical body is intact. It may remain intact long after so-called clinical death. But science with its narrow methods and theories cannot investigate the subtle realm. But the true scientists, the Occultists, can know by one simple glance, the actual situation, and are able to resuscitate the apparently dead with the power of their Will.

But once the magnetic cord is snapped, as it will, in the natural process of physical death, nothing or no one can resuscitate the dead; then death is irreversible. The soul will have to return back to reincarnation through the cyclic and Karmic law.

Resurrection of the dead by the word of command is a lost science

 Asclepiades, Apollonius enjoyed exceptional powers for discernment of actual death and were able to recall to life those who were seemingly dead back to life in an instant, with pronouncing a word of command. Should modern science deny and repudiate these well attested accounts because they are not amenable to its present methods of investigation ?                                                                                  It is not likely that they will get better of their prejudice and begin discover the lost science.

 There were colleges for teaching prophecy and Occult sciences

 In olden times Thaumaturgists were not called charlatans and Occult science were not derided. There were in those days colleges which taught prophecy and Occult sciences. Hillel had a regular academy, Socrates is said too have sent many students to study Manticism. The study of magic, or wisdom, included every branch of science, the metaphysical as well as the physical, psychology and physiology in their common and occult phases. Study of alchemy was universal since it was both physical and a spiritual science. Ancients studied nature in its double aspects and achieved discoveries which, to our modern day physicists, who study bur its dead letter, is a closed book.


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